Amanda Forster-Searle

As an Emotional Freedom & Wellness Practitioner, Nourish Healing is all about helping you to feel the best you can be both mentally & physically, and always naturally.

Wherever your journey in life has led you, through effective & proven mind & body coaching methods I can help you reach your fullest potential.  By working on the “whole you” we first gently peel away the layers to enable you to shed all that may be holding you back.

We all hold pain and trauma from our life experiences in our memories but also in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies too. Sometimes it can be really hard to let go and to move forward.

By healing past memories, experiences & any negative belief systems, we then look at your life now and work together to see where gradual changes can be made to improve your health mentally & physically.  You will be guided, motivated and supported at your pace whilst learning invaluable tools to help you in your daily life – everything from reducing stress & anxiety, increasing your energy, improving your sleep and much more.

Through my sessions we will create harmony in your mind & body, enabling you to live a more balanced life.

I look forward to helping you.