Nourish the Mind

If you’ve already read about my journey to begin Nourish under About Me, you’ll understand how learning more about how powerful the mind is really gave me confidence to take control of what life throws at you, and how we emotionally react.

I remember sometime back in around 2000 the company I was with sent us on a course to increase our leadership skills.

Whilst I think everyone in the room initially thought this was probably going to be one of those boring, sit and listen factual based courses, we were soon proved wrong. I shall never forget one of the first sentences the leadership coach voiced “Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined”.

This held little sense with us at first, until, after a few exercises the sense & psychological reasons began to become clear.

Our brains are far more powerful than we can understand, and yet simplistically we can influence them easily for our own healthy gain.

There are many health focused disciplines that work with this idea – yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, meditation to name a few.

Basically we can influence our brains to bring us to a happier place, and to create more positive thinking in our lives in general.

I’d encourage you to dip into some of the inspirational sources I read and practice from, and see which works for you. We all have different needs at different times, but taking control of how you think, and how you react, can make every day a more positive one….



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gabrielle b

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