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“Bringing harmony to the mind & body”


Hello and welcome to Nourish Healing, I’m Amanda Forster-Searle, I’m so glad you found me.

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To read more about what Nourish believes in, and how I can help you click here, but firstly as this is the start of a fabulous new friendship I’d like to share with you my life journey so far……

My Nourish Healing Journey

After over 25 years working in the media & software industry, endless hours commuting and many long hours working I decided to follow my passion and more importantly what I believe is my calling (given numerous signs along the way, including a major work induced breakdown & depression), to help & heal people.

Like most of us, I myself have been on an evolving journey with my health & weight years ago, but every twist and turn on that path led me to a place whereby my own inner beliefs and knowledge showed me the direction I should be taking.  Ever since a wake up moment back in 2005 I knew I had to listen to my body more and understand the signals it was showing me better.

I followed my path of learning to re-train in Nutrition & Meta Health (the latter looks at how the mind & body reacts to stressors, be it emotional, chemical, poor diet etc. and what signs the body gives and how to therefore minimise & avoid these and prevent dis-ease).

I have always found physical activity necessary to balance the mind & keep the body healthy so enjoy running, walking and generally being outside in nature.  In 2007 I realised that I was missing an added dimension to my mind & body connection and took up yoga & meditation.  The practice of these became part of my daily life and enabled me to ground myself better and work with the universal energy seamlessly.

My deepening spiritual journey also kept directing me to Reiki as I felt drawn to working with the body’s energy system more to be able to help the mind & body to heal itself, and remove blockages and chords from the past.  I trained under two amazing Reiki Masters, and chose to complement these attunements by using crystals too, using the earth’s energies to amplify the Reiki.

I’ll be pleased to help you however I can, and by working with the mind & body together I will guide you, and encourage your body to heal you in the best way possible.


Love Amanda

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