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As an Emotional Freedom & Wellness Practitioner, my ethos & experience is Integrative Wellness – healing the mind & body from within using various healing modalities, as well as empowering you to make gradual changes to bring harmony and to help you thrive.

I am a trained Nutritionist, Meta Health (Stress) Coach, Integrative Wellness Coach, Aromatherapy Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Advocate, Life Coach and Universal Energy/Law of Attraction Advocate.

Not only can I help you achieve your goals to feel the best you can be, by helping to remove blockages in your energetic body, release trapped emotions and help your mind & body to heal.  I can help you revitalise your way of eating, and guide you to change your relationship with food.  I will work with you to discover what is “holding you back” and what signals your body is giving you.

My approach is to look at the “whole” you and your lifestyle.  I can help you journey to a more nutritious, positive & healthier life, both mentally & physically.  I can help heal your past, and guide you in how to manage your life to minimise stress, anxiety etc. going forward, and will work with you to use natural ways of healing and preventative measures to reset you, and give you a much more balanced life.

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