Emotional Freedom Technique

“The biggest prison is in your own mind.  We cannot choose to have a life free of hurt but we can choose to be free, to escape the past no matter what, and to embrace the possible. I invite you to make the choice to be free”

Dr Edith Eger – Psychologist and Holocaust survivor


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) combined with other modalities enables me to lead you from trauma to triumph, darkness to light, imprisonment to freedom.  I’d love to help you on your journey – click here to connect with how we can work together…



EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for mental, physical and emotional issues.  It is often referred to as “Energy Psychology” or “Psychology Acupuncture without needles”.

EFT operates on the premise that no matter what part of your life needs improvement, there will be unresolved emotional issues including those which are often buried in the subconscious, and by clearing them, the more peace and emotional freedom you will have in your life.  Even for physical issues, chronic pain, or diagnosed conditions, it is common knowledge that any kind of emotional stress can cause dis-ease and impede the natural healing potential of the human body.

In many cases, EFT will reduce symptoms and you may get relief without deeply exploring any emotional factors. However, for the most powerful, longest lasting results with EFT, we would work together to clear any related issues that arise in sessions as well.

There are different techniques that I can use in our sessions, including ones that don’t require you to talk through details which may cause distress, so please be reassured that I will create a bespoke plan just for you which allows you to feel comfortable, whilst we gently peel away the layers that may be holding you back from thriving.

Whilst EFT therapy is fairly new in terms of health and wellness modalities, the healing concepts that it’s based upon have been in practice in Eastern medicine for over 5,000 years. Like acupuncture and acupressure, EFT utilises the body’s energy meridian system. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power.

Gary Craig, EFT’s founder says “The cause of all negative emotion is caused by a disturbance in the energy system” By reducing or removing the emotional charge connected to past trauma or experiences you can free yourself from unwanted symptoms of those patterns or habits.

There are numerous benefits of EFT, especially when compared to other therapies and interventions. The following are but a few of the advantages of tapping therapy:

  • Gentle
  • Potentially fast, long-lasting results
  • No need to go over and over the problem
  • No medicines or equipment required
  • No long term commitment to years of therapy
  • Easy to learn
  • Can be used at home between sessions

Edith Eger quote


EFT can be applied to virtually any psychological or physical problem:

  • Health problems – pain relief, allergies, respiratory problems, blood pressure, sleep problems
  • Self-image, self-esteem, self-worth
  • Stress
  • Negativity, Overthinking & Self-sabotage
  • Anxiety, trauma and depression
  • Workplace mental wellness
  • Emotional Challenges including but not limited to anger, feelings of abandonment, frustration, grief, childhood issues, lack of motivation etc.
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Fears and phobias
  • Addictions, habits and compulsions
  • Relationship issues
  • PMS, Pre & Post Natal emotions, Perimenopause, Menopause
  • Children’s issues
  • Learning problems
  • Sports improvement
  • Weight management


In about 1980 Dr Callahan started a therapy called TFT it required practitioners to tap on a specific sequence of meridians (called an algorithm) for each different problem. Diagnosing the problem required a technique called muscle testing, wherein the practitioner would measure the relative strength of a muscle, while the patient explored various thoughts or statements. Gary Craig observed repeated scenarios in which the problem was incorrectly diagnosed or the practitioner tapped out the meridian points in the wrong order, yet the patient was still helped. Based on these observations, he concluded that it did not matter in which order the meridian points were tapped. Gary Craig developed EFT as a simplified, improved version of the concepts behind Dr Callahan’s TFT. EFT has one basic, simple sequence of points to tap, no matter what the situation.